Arrive & Ride


Many customers enjoy this service, as it adds a personal touch to their overall experience.



The best option for getting the most of out of your track experience is our “Arrive & Ride” program. We offer several levels of Arrive & Ride service from basic to professional. At a minimum, we bring the bike, and all the needed equipment. You, just need to meet us at the track with your gear!

Arrive & Ride is the most convenient way to experience motorcycle track days or racing without the hassle & headache of bike prep, towing, loading and unloading equipment, etc. Just meet us at the track with your gear and let us do the heavy lifting! Rental bikes range in size from 300cc to 1199cc and vary from street bikes to fully prepared race machines.

The most popular level of the Arrive & Ride program includes: Bike Rental, Fuel, Tire Warmers, Stands, Canopy, Water, Snacks, Pit service & assistance, Session of one-on-one coaching, & GoPro.

    • Two day discounts are available.
    • There is minimum $1500 deposit required to rent a motorcycle from Track Bike Rentals. Deposits are typically made through a major credit card as an inquiry and refunded at the end of the rental.
    • Track/Race Fees are in addition to our rental service.


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